Service for the owners of the properties:


  • Initial viewing of the property
  • Determining and consultiing the market price to respond the market situation
  • Presentation of the property
  • Providing updates on the progress of the sale
  • Collecting the required documents (ownership title, project documentation, housing inspection approval)
  • Preparing contracts through our legal department
  • Arranging bank escrow accounts, attorney escrow accounts or notarial custody
  • Arranging attorney escrow accounts with our company
  • Collecting land registry archive documents
  • Obtaining the land register extract of ownership title
  • Delivering all required documents to the land registry office to record the sale (free of charge for our clients, stamps inclusive)
  • Handing over of the property
  • Transferring media (meters, etc) to the new owner (free of charge for our clients)

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  • Initial viewing of the property and providing the advice regarding price setting, and other conditions of the rental (security deposits, deposits for utilities and building service charges, preferred length of lease)
  • Organize photo documentation and description of the property for the on-line property listings
  • Further marketing of the property using our extensive database of rental clients
  • Negotiate the terms in English and Czech between the landlord and tenant and provide the lease contract and handover protocol in Czech and English
  • Collect the required documents (ownership title, business registers, copies of passports, other lease attachments)
  • Provide assistance with setting up the telephone lines, Internet, satellite, etc.
  • Arrange for the transfer of the media (meters, etc) at the suppliers (PRE, Pražská plynárenská, etc.)

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Legal services

  • Buying, selling or renting properties
  • Negotiating, preparing, revising and concluding contracts
  • Organizing legal and notarial custody and escrow accounts
  • Setting up companies and arranging visas
  • Interfacing with government departments and arranging various permits

Legal services are provided by our independent legal department. For more information please visit

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Appraisal services

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E-xpert reality offers luxury condominiums and lofts for short-term or long-term lease or arranges the purchase and sale of apartments.

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E-xpert reality is the best partner for targeting, purchase, sale or home rental. If you are interested, we can arrange a mortgage.

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Commercial projects

E-xpert reality provides real estate sale or purchase of units in commercial projects. We are strong partners in negotiation process of the lease.

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